If you could choose only one makeup product to enhance your eyes, most women would probably opt for some eye shadow. While eye shadow can certainly give you a great look, mascara should not be overlooked. Just one swipe can highlight your eyes, while a few coats will deliver a glamorous eye worthy of any big event. To find out how you can make your mascara work best for you, check out these beauty tips.

When Choosing Your Mascara…

Model with mascara Look for mascara that boasts collagen and keratin as ingredients. They will ensure your eyelashes are left thick and volumized.

In regards to the wand, a thick, full brush will allow you to coat your lashes with less product, meaning no clumps!

Opt for the right color. Black mascaras can be too harsh and dark for natural blondes and redheads, so make use of the variety of colored mascaras available and choose a less intense finish with brown or plum options.

When Applying Your Mascara…

Model with mascara Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler first. It’ll open up your eye and make it easier for your mascara to access and coat your lashes.

For your first coat, hold the mascara wand horizontally and comb upwards from root to tip. If you also wiggle the wand from side to side as you brush, you’ll help prevent clumping.

For the second coat (after the first has dried), work your wand vertically across your lashes, ensuring the tip adds mascara where it’s needed.

Keep repeating the first and second coats, letting your mascara dry between each coat, until you achieve the look you want.

As for your bottom lashes, the decision to coat them too is up to you. If you have short or a small volume of lashes, however, then coating them in mascara will only amplify your lack of lashes. If that’s your scenario, you may want to ditch the mascara and add a slight smudge of eyeliner along your lower rim for definition instead.