Often before applying makeup, especially if it's for a big event, we have an idea in our heads of how the finished product will look. 9 times out 10, that image looks nothing like what we planned. If this happens to you every time you try to pull off a fabulous look then these touch up tips may be just what you're looking for!

Makeup Mistake: Busted Blush

Model with obvious blush

Over-applying, under-applying or applying in the wrong area can give you a busted blush finish that brings down your whole look. Blush, when applied correctly, pulls your look together and creates a glowing finish so it's important to get it right.

Touch Up Tips:

Over-applied blush: if you've put too much blush on, use a cotton ball to remove some of the excess blush and then dust with translucent powder to cut back on some of the color.

Under-applied blush: if you haven't put enough blush on then touch up the color by applying some more, but keep clear of adding too much. Just lightly dust more blush on until you have a visible color on your cheeks that looks natural.

Wrong area: the best place for blush is just below your cheekbones. Start at the centre of your eye and lightly brush the blush along your cheekbones until you reach the right color level. Remember to always blend, blend, blend and to ensure there aren't any tell-tale lines.

Makeup Mistake: Concealer Overload

Model with obvious concealer

While concealer is the perfect product for hiding blemishes, under eye circles and freckles, overloading the concealer will only draw more attention to what you're trying to cover up.

Touch Up Tips:

Ensure your skin is well moisturized before applying your concealer so that it glides and settles softly into your skin. If your skin isn't prepped, concealer will only dry and crack instead of subtly covering up problem areas.

When applying your concealer, always start with a minimum amount and blend it in. Only then apply more if you need to. Your concealer should never be caked on or obvious and the color should be the same as your skin tone or one shade lighter.

Makeup Mistake: Drawing Attention to Your Eyes in the Wrong Way

Model with obvious eye makeup

If you want pretty peepers then the way to achieve that is to not go to excess. Overloading your eyes with lots of eyeliner, fake lashes and bold eye shadow choices is what not to do if you want to create a worthy looking eye makeup finish.

Touch Up Tips:

Keep it simple and concentrate on your lashes. Pretty lashes will instantly open up your eyes and create a gorgeous look with minimal fuss. If you've got naturally long lashes, curl them with an eyelash curler and then apply at least 3 coats of mascara in an eye color flattering shade. If your lashes need some help, or you want to go a little more eye catching, apply some natural looking fake lashes to enhance what you have. If you want a little more pizzazz, apply a light coating of earth tone eye shadow to your upper eyelid. It's the most flattering shade and will help to highlight your eyes.

By applying these touch up tips when your makeup look doesn't turn out the way you want it, you should end up with a finish that you'll be proud to show off.