There are many key contributing factors that result in this negative behavior but always one main emotion that is the genuine culprit.



Fear itself is not always a bad thing if it motivates you to act in a constructable way, such as to get out of the way of the train coming towards you! Or the Lion that is about to eat you! Funny thing here is how many of us have actually ever had this happen to us? It would seem then that most common fears people have are things of a much lesser magnitude but that appear to the individual as being just as bad as being eaten by a Polar Bear.

As human beings, we all strive to be accepted and "to a degree" gain the approval of others. There are some exceptions for some individuals, but on the whole in general, and on a subconscious level, human nature strives to "fit in" and to be "accepted" It is this very fear of not being accepted or approved of by others that plays such an important role in people not being able to change and try new hairstyles.

So how do you know if you suffer from this terrible emotion regarding your hairstyle changes or opportunities?

You need to ask yourself what exactly it is that concerns you about getting a new hairstyle. Over the years I have dealt with many clients and have found some of the following reasons to be top of the list.

That a Hairstyle Is Irreversible (cannot be changed back)

Irreversible hair fear

Here people are fearful of change and what it represents. It is easy to never venture outside ones comfort zone for fear of failure, or in this case, not going back to the accepted level. Most hairstyling services are reversible, even cutting will grow back.

That They May Not Like It After It's Done

Fear of the unknown or unseen is by far one of the strongest negative emotions that affects people all over the world in every facet of life. There is of course a chance that the new hairstyle will not be liked at first, but also there is a very strong possibility that they may love the new look if a positive, realistic approach along with precautionary steps to ensure that they have minimized the risk is used.

That a Partner/Family/Friends May Not Approve of It After It's Done

This fear of not being accepted or approved of can quite literally be paralyzing. A way around this is to show your partner/family or friends some pictures (on your own face would be best) of some new hairstyle ideas before venturing into a salon. This will save shocking them later. Just remember, bottom line is if you change your hairstyle, do it for the right reasons and do it for you!

That It May Ruin Their Hair

This is the one time when being fearful is not a bad thing if it motivates you to react in a positive manner. You need to steer clear from "home job" hairdressing where chemicals or techniques that are used could ruin your hair. Instead, always first consult with and only ever allow a fully trained professional hairstylist to perform any service to your hair.

A Past Bad Hairstyle Experience Means That It Will Happen Again

Lisa Rinna hairstyles

Although understandable, don't allow bad hairstyle experiences to stop you trying something new. Instead, try to asses why and how it actually happened and what part you played (if any) to avoid it from happening again. The odds are actually in your favor that it wouldn't happen again.

The list goes on and on and I have only listed just some of the main reasons why many people are so frightened to ever change their hairstyle. If you have a good look at the list there is a very good chance that any one, or a combination of the above, can happen to you when you have a hairstyle change.

In my opinion, there are far too many reasons and positive outcomes that are achievable from hairstyling changes that completely outweigh the negative. The good news is that using positive thoughts and actions involving carefully thought out planning, consulting and strategies can almost completely eliminate any hairstyling disasters.

For a more in depth insight, read "How Long Should You Think About a Hairstyle Change?".