If the thought of a new haircut or hair color going terribly wrong is putting you off taking the plunge and getting the hairstyle you’ve always wanted then a virtual makeover could be just what you need to see if the look will work for you before you hit the salon!


Model with full bangs Model with side-swept bangs

While adding bangs can seem like a much safer way to update your look without totally going for a length changing chop, bangs can impact your look by changing the shape of your face. To ensure that any bangs you’re thinking of getting cut won’t suddenly draw attention to your worst features or make your face look rounder, shorter or longer, give the virtual kind a try and let the results make the decision for you.


Hair Colors

Carrie Underwood hairstylesCarrie Underwood hairstyles

Upgrading to a darker hair color, dying your hair blonde or adding highlights can change your look for the better…or for the worst! If you don’t want to end up with the wrong hair color, or if you need some helpful direction about the kind of color that will work best for you, a virtual makeover that includes hair color will help you to sort it out - and all without the expense of having to correct a hair color disaster.


Short Hair

Model with pixie short haircut Model with short hair

While a virtual hairstyle will allow you to try on lots of different hair lengths, the length that most people are afraid to try is short hair. After all, it can be a long time before your hair grows back to a more comfortable length if your new pixie haircut just isn’t the right look for you. To see firsthand if a shorter ‘do is going to revolutionize or totally ruin your look, upload your photo and sort through our range of short hairstyles today.


Permed Curls and Waves

Model with natural curls Jennifer Grey hairstyles

While some might argue that perms should be left in 80s, it’s hard to resist the allure of a great looking curly hairstyle. Having your locks permed is a chemical hair process that will alter the structure of your hair strands, not to mention change the way your hair sits, styles and looks against your face shape, so it is not a decision that should be taken lightly. If you’ve always wanted to try a more permanent curly look that your curling iron just can’t provide then road test a naturally curly virtual hairstyle with your photo before booking in at the salon to see if a perm will make or break your look.

Try these great virtual makeovers today by clicking on the images above!