Eva Longoria Parker hairstylesA hair iron—or hair straightener—is an essential hairstyling tool, and a great hairstyle that's easily created with one is smooth and sleek with deliciously turned under ends. Turned under ends are a nice alternative to the flipped out hairstyle, and with the right instruction they're really not that hard to create.

  • Get yourself a decent ceramic hair iron as they will cause less hair damage. Don't forget also to use heat protection product before using any heating appliances.
  • Use a slim line hair iron as these are best for turning the ends of your hair under (and flicking them out).
  • The first step in achieving the sleek hairstyle with rolled ends is to straighten your hair as usual- in smooth sections and starting with the layers under your hair.
  • Next, work in small sections from your mid-lengths and apply the iron until you're about two or three inches from your ends.
  • On your end sections, turn the hair iron 180 degrees as you pull it through your ends. Repeat this process all the way around your head.
  • Finally, use a medium radial hair brush to encourage your ends to turn up and finish with a spritz of hairspray.