GHD's special iron heats up to a maximum temperature in seconds and stays that way, giving you an even temperature right throughout the ceramic plates. What I found most desirable about this product is that it's lightweight and small so there's no arm discomfort when you're trying to style your own hair.

GHD hair straighteners

Another great thing about using a GHD straightener is that you don't have to just straighten your hair; you can also use it to create a full, tantalizing curly style, waves for a night out on the town or for flicking your ends out if you're after a "Charlie's Angels" inspired look. Also, if body is what you're lacking, you can also add body to your roots for a full bodied look. The beauty of this product is that it is ideal for people with all hair types.

I have had the pleasure of using the GHD with my clients and for myself at home, and the possibilities are really endless. You can do pretty much anything with this amazing straightening iron.

5 stars.