America's talk show sweetheart Ellen DeGeneres is not only a top comedienne, but she's also becoming a beauty icon in her own right. She's been the face of Cover Girl and on various fashion magazines including "W" and Oprah's "O" magazine, in addition to magazines that have more than one letter in their name too.

Ellen's bright blue eyes and contagious smile make her so loveable, not to mention her hilarious personality. As far as looks go, she is famous for her icy blonde spiky short 'do, and natural-looking (if any) makeup.

Ellen Degeneres hairstylesShe usually styles her hair with maximum volume, creating high lift in the roots with texturizing gel, but on occasion she goes for a sleek look as well, combing it down and to the side. This haircut works well for Ellen and suits her free-spirit personality perfectly.


Ellen Degeneres hairstylesRewind a few years back, and here is Ellen in a completely different look. Her hair is a darker, brassier blonde shade, with long layers and a side-swept fringe. Ellen looks good in this flipped-out hairstyle but she suits cool icy blonde much more than this golden shade. The cut is also too conservative for her vivacious personality.


What's your opinion on Ellen then and now-which look suits her more?

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