Actress Jaime Pressly is known for her elfin looks, bright blue eyes and light blonde hair. She has the California Girl look going on and likes to work with her hair and makeup to explore new looks. Recently, Jamie was spotted wearing a short cropped 'do, which was a noticeable departure from her usual look. As with all dramatic hairstyles changes, it really transformed her look. Let's check out Jaime in her recent short hairstyle and compare it to her usual longer look and decide which one is a better for her.


Jaime Pressly hairstyles

Here, Jamie looks sweet in a long pixie that has been tapered throughout the back and sides. A long fringe has been cut in that sweeps across her forehead and creates a strong frame for her face. Jamie has a square face shape, so this style works to contour her angles and bring attention away form her wide jawline. As a side note, this hairstyle is also a good choice for women with oval, oblong and diamond face shapes as well.

This hairstyle works wonders for Jaime's face and brings all of the attention to her perfectly arched eyebrows and sparkling blue eyes. To further enhance her look, Jaime gets it right by using a warm, sun-kissed makeup palette and a nude lipstick. This enhances her blue eyes and warm buttery blonde hair color. All in all, this is a sophisticated look that gives Jaime a chic and demure look.

Want this look?

If you think it will flatter your face, ask your stylist for short tapered sides and back with longer, jagged layers on top. Keep a deep side part in to create that sexy side swept bang that Jaime is flaunting here. To style, all you will need to do is finger style it into place using a blow dryer, adding some styling wax to mould and hold it into place.


Jaime Pressly hairstyles

Here, Jaime is sporting a longer hairstyle with a side swept fringe and bouncy curls throughout. The curls and diagonally cut fringe works wonders to soften up her square jawline, making this a great option for women with a similar face shape. It also works well on oval, oblong and triangular face shapes too.

Although this style would look chic worn stick straight, it also has a fun and feminine look with corkscrew curls added in. A bonus to this longer hairstyle is that it can also be tied up in a cute ponytail, bun or chignon for added variety.

Jaime looks more youthful in this hairstyle and again, nails it with the right sun-kissed makeup palette for her tanned complexion and light blonde hair. Overall, longer hair gives Jaime a sexier look that is less sophisticated and more fun-loving.

Want this look?

Ask your stylist for a shoulder length layered bob with a long fringe angled to the side. If you have natural curls or waves you can let it do its thing, or use a curling iron to create corkscrew curls. Use hairspray to hold it in place.

So, what is your verdict on Jaime Pressly's hair in the battle of long versus short? Should she stick with the Pamela Anderson-inspired crop or go back to her Barbie doll longer locks instead?