Kelly Osbourne hairstyles Kelly has tried every shade and every hairstyle, some with more success than others. Now, with her slimmed-down physique, she has chosen to grow her hair long and dye it purple…but does it suit her?

First, let’s take a look at the style. Kelly has a face shape that is more wide than long, so the longer hair works to soften up her jawline. The soft waves compliment the roundness in her face while the middle parting with the extra bit of volume does a great job of adding height to her small forehead. So far, so good Kelly!

Next, let’s look at the color. Underneath the violet is a platinum blonde, which would have looked nice with her complexion. Unfortunately, she has chosen a washed-out lilac hue instead. Kelly has the edgy style to pull off purple, pink or even blue hair, but it still has to be done right. Maybe Kelly was waiting for the purple to wash out rather than bleaching it out, hence this color disaster. In any case, the violet is looking lackluster.

What do you think of her new look? Is it interesting or immature?

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