Elle Macpherson hairstylesElle Macpherson has left a fashion and beauty legacy—after all, this former model is still known as “The Body” and she’s approaching 50. She is still looking as chic as ever, but does anyone think that she has too much hair? Just like Goldie Hawn, sometimes it seems as if Elle is hiding behind that hair rather than being crowned by it. Although her hair is fabulously long and healthy, does anyone else agree it may be time for The Chop?

Here, we see Elle’s mane in all its glory. It has been curled to the max and parted down the middle for a Farrah Fawcett-esque ‘do. Her brown base has been highlighted with various shade of blonde, and it looks like there are a whole lotta hair extensions going on.

Elle Macpherson hairstylesIn a more recent photo, Elle’s toned down the hair volume, and the brassiness (good call Elle!) for a much softer look. She’s still sticking with the center part, but a side hair part would work well on her diamond face shape and high forehead to create better proportion. Her waves look more natural here but the thickness and sheer volume of her hair is so heavy, some layering wouldn’t go amiss.

Elle is tall and gorgeous and can pull anything off, but if you were her hairstylist, what would you suggest?