Keeley Hazell hairstyles

There are so many celebrity sex scandals and nude pictures these days they're really not “scandals” anymore. I mean a scandal is a surprise, a one-off naughty event that is embarrassing for someone. With the amount of celebrity sex scandals on the Internet they no longer come as a surprise. We should really drop the word “scandal” and just call them “Celebrity Sex Situations” or something like that.

The other day there was another celebrity sex situation, which got me thinking. In this case Eric Dane from Grey's Anatomy was allegedly caught on camera with his wife and someone else. It's just another in a long list of celebrity exposes that include the likes of Vanessa Hudgens, Rob Lowe, Paris Hilton and even the “Mini Me” guy from Austen Powers. Anyhow, these kinds of scandals are so common I was thinking it might be worth creating a new Oscars category or something like that for the best performance in a sex tape.

Now I haven't actually seen any of these sex tapes (honestly), so I can't offer my criticism of the stars' performances. But what I can offer is my opinion of who I think would have the best hair- and this is based on their past and current hairstyles. So, I've compiled a top 5 list of celebrities, who have played some role in a recent sex scandal, with the best hair.

Top 5 Celebrity Sex Scandal Hairstyles

  1. Keeley Hazell
  2. Kim Kardashian
  3. Vanessa Hudgens
  4. Paris Hilton
  5. Rihanna

What do you think of the contenders' hairstyles? Keeley, Kim and Vanessa all wear their long tousled hairstyles well. Ms. Hazell does a great job maintaining a casual sophistication with her locks, and it's much the same for Kim (who was voted recently by as a strong contender for Best Hair 2008). Paris demonstrates perfectly the appeal of short hairstyles. You can't deny that she wears the chin length bob hairstyle well. And Rihanna of course wears short hairstyles better than anyone.

With the growth of the celebrity sex scandal genre of nude pictures and digital video it won't be long until there are plenty more contenders out there for best sex scandal hairstyle. For now though I think Keeley definitely takes the cake because she wears her soft wavy hairstyle so well. Whether or not her hair's the same in her video is for you to find out.