While the Emmy Awards are usually all about glitz and glamour, hairstyles for TV's night of nights were kept low-key this year. This gave the celebrities the chance to either shine with a simple-yet-stunning look, or fall casually flat. Check out the best and worst hairdos below...

Side Styled - Maria Menounos vs. Jennifer Carpenter
Maria Menounos hairstylesJennifer Carpenter hairstyles

While it was obvious from the volume of side styled hairstyles on the red carpet that this trend is here to stay, some celebrities got it right, and some wrong. Maria Menounos did her side styled look justice by adding just the right amount of thick, volume-filled waves in an old Hollywood glamour finish. Jennifer Carpenter, on the other hand, took the casual route and ended up with a side style that lacked definition and charm.

Mid-Length Waves - Christina Hendricks vs. Brenda Strong
Christina Hendricks hairstylesBrenda Strong hairstyles

Ah, hair frizz, the bane of all curly and wavy looks. While Christina Hendricks managed to keep her frizz under enough control that it didn't interfere with her great mid-length look and fantastic red hair color, Brenda Strong wasn't so lucky. Her blonde 'do was sorely missing a good dose of smoothing shine, and her strands paid the price.

Updos - Giuliana Rancic  vs. Katie Holmes
Giuliana DePandi-Rancic hairstylesKatie Holmes hairstyles

When it came to updos, it seemed over-the-top styles were out of fashion, while simple upstyles were in. Giuliana Rancic pulled off one of the more simple-yet-stunningly-effective updos with her side ponytail, whereas the usually hairstyle savvy Katie Holmes left us wondering if she was headed for the red carpet or the beach!

Straight Strands - Claire Danes vs. Jane Krakowski
Claire Danes hairstylesJane Krakowski hairstyles

Even though these two straight hairstyles both look great, we think that the shine and flattering length of Claire Danes' look just edges out the final finish of Jane Krakowski's straight strands. Both ladies, however, hit a high note with their great blonde hair shades and earrings as the only accessories for their straight 'dos.