Ashley Benson is a natural at pulling off the California Girl look, and her latest hairdo suits this persona perfectly. Her tousled waves are sexy and effortlessly cool—and a great idea if you have medium length hair. Let’s take a look at how you can achieve this look at home.

Ashley Benson hairstylesFirst, you need to look at your hair type. If you have naturally wavy hair, you’re all set. If you have straight hair, you’re going to have to get out the rollers. And finally, if you have very curly hair, it will probably take a lot of work for you to re-create this look, so be forewarned!

Second, take a look at your hair length. This style is easy to re-create on all hair lengths, but will take more work the longer your hair is.  Make sure you have the time and patience if your hair is very long.

Finally, it’s time to style it. Wavy-haired ladies can simply wash, mousse and dry with a diffuser—lucky you! If you have straight hair, set your hair in medium rollers, rolling the hair in a spiral motion. After your hair has set, spray the waves into place, unroll and use the tail end of a comb to separate them slightly. The key to keeping this look “beachy” is to create imperfect waves and lots of the “bed head” effect at the roots. Add in a messy centre hair part and you’re all set!