It’s very easy to re-create this hairstyle, but first, make sure it’s appropriate for you.

This is a high volume style that will suit all face shapes except for square and rectangle. Medium-thick hair will be the easiest to style, but if you have fine or thick hair you too can get this style, it just may take a bit more work.

To get this hairstyle:

Anna Kendrick hairstylesFirst, give yourself a glossy blow-dry to make your hair shiny and smooth. Then, set your hair in large hair rollers- try ones with a barrel has a diameter larger than 1.5 inches. After your hair has been curled to perfection, start adding volume at the crown by backcombing the roots all over the head, except for the top layer. Using a root lift or mousse when you shampoo your hair will give you a helping hand when it comes to adding volume, so choose the right products before you begin styling.

When you have finished teasing the hair, smooth out the top layer, lengths and ends. You can use wax to further separate the pieces at the ends. When you have finished styling your sexy tousled hair, don’t forget to use hairspray to keep it all in place. Add some fresh makeup like Anna and you are all set!

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