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Tyra Banks Short Straight Casual Layered Pixie Hairstyle - Golden Brunette Hair Color with Blonde Highlights

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Added: 11 May 2015
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This short edgy style is jagged cut all over to achieve this brilliant asymmetric 'do. The sides and back are worn down while the top and front is pinched with product to achieve a textured look and feel. This head-turning style is best suited for those naturally straight hair and needs regular trims to maintain shape.

Tyra Banks looks fierce here in this short and sassy ‘do. Tyra’s oval face shape is ideal for this jagged pixie cut that has a tapered back and longer layers on the front and sides. This hairstyle is full of texture and can be worn straight and smooth for a more demure look, or messy for an edgy textured look. Tyra’s gorgeous facial features are the main focus with this choppy ‘do, which adds to her overall cool style.

The colors in Tyra’s locks are perfect for her warm medium-dark skin tone. Tyra’s golden brown complexion harmonizes well with her dark brown base and caramel highlights. And, rather than go for a subtle sun-kissed look, Tyra is trendsetting with bold, stripey highlights instead. This hair color will work well on medium to dark skin tones with a warm base.

Tyra Banks is an American model, actress and television presenter. She is famous for her extensive modelling work, as well as her role as the host of America’s Next Top Model.


Hair Category
Hair Length
Hair Elasticity


Face Shape
Hair Density
Hair Texture
Under 21, 21 - 30, 31 - 40, 41 - 50, and 51 - 60


Styling Time
10 minutes
Styling Tip
Fluff the styling products into the ends of your hair and pinch as you go to create textured edges.
Wax, Hair Spray, and Moulding Cream

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Styling Steps

1. Style Sides Behind Ear Using Moulding Cream


Apply a small amount of moulding cream to your fingertips, then place it at the roots above your ear and drag it through as you pull your hair behind your ear.

2. Style Sides Down Using Moulding Cream


Using a small amount of moulding cream, work it through the mid-lengths and ends in a downward motion. For added texture, pinch the ends as you go sparingly.

3. Piece the Ends Using Wax


Apply a small amount of wax to your fingertips and then lightly piece and pinch the ends of your hair.

4. Apply Hairspray


To finish, apply a minimal amount of hairspray from an arms length distance to the top, sides and back. Take care not to use too much or you will end up with a white, flaky residue which looks like dandruff.

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