You haven't got a clue Roger Dawkins. I'm sorry to sound harsh, but it's totally necessary because opinions like yours need to be squashed. That article you wrote last week called "Sorry, Rihanna's Hair ain't on Their Wish Lists" is just shy of being a complete joke. Short hair is sexy and guys like you don't have a clue. Haven't you seen how good Victoria Beckham looks with her new pixie crop?

Victoria Beckham Short Straight Casual Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

Wake up and smell the coffee. Your opinion that most guys think short hair isn't sexy proves how conservative and old fashioned you are. And I can tell you think you're actually respecting women with your sugar-coated "honesty" about what men like, but you're not. You're still telling women how you think they should look. I don't fall for it, and neither do countless other women out there.

You see the problem is that guys like you have been brainwashed over the years into believing that long hair is sexy and short hair is masculine. "Long hair is sexy" isn't the truth, but a stereotype that's been around longer than I can remember. Lately, in my grandmother's lifetime and thanks to the mass marketed Hollywood images of Farrah Fawcett, Bo Derek, Goldie Hawn and the like, the stereotype of the long haired beauty has become so ingrained guys like you think there's nothing else.

That means you don't really notice anything else. So it's not that men prefer long hair, but they just don't see anything else; or if they see it, they don't remember. Let me jog your memory then with some short hair flashbacks. Remember Halle Berry in the Bond film Die Another Day? If you think she didn't look sexy, then you're crazy. Or how about Naomi Campbell on the cover of GQ with a short bob, or Keyshia Cole on the cover of Vibe? And just recently, did you see Agyness Deyn on the cover of V Magazine? If I'm still not getting your blood pumping, then you must be dead.

Rihanna Short Straight Alternative Hairstyle - Black Ash Hair Color with Blue Highlights

But you know what? I can't believe I'm even entering into this debate, because the whole idea that one kind of hairstyle is "sexier" than another is itself ridiculous. Long hairstyles can look just as terrible as short hairstyles, and short hairstyles can look just as sexy as long hairstyles. Why? Because the key thing about hair that any hairstylist will tell you is this: how good or bad your hair looks depends on its suitability to your face shape, your hair's type and texture, and your personality. Choose a style that suits you, long or short, and you'll look your best. I bet your boyfriend or future husband will love it too.

Your one saving grace, Roger, that keeps your article just shy of being a complete joke, is that at least you're not just saying what you think women want to hear. It's one thing trying to tell women what to do (and it's slightly more annoying too how you pretend that you're not really telling women what to do even though you are), but it's far more insulting when guys just say what they think females want to hear. So thank you, Roger, at least for your (veiled) honesty.

But like I said before, loving long hair is completely stereotypical. And men who run around telling women how to do their hair... well, they need to improve their game. But more than that, it's stupid even debating which hair is sexier, because how good any hair looks depends on your face shape and other personal characteristics.