With a short length being one of the quickest hair lengths to style, it gives you plenty of time to play around with some awesome new looks, so here's some inspiration!


Katharine McPhee hairstylesWho says waves are for long hair lengths? Texture is always a great way to create a new look, especially if that hair texture goes against how you normally wear your hair. Large, loose waves like the waves shown here can be added with a large barrelled curling iron. Keep the waves soft and only slightly defined for a casual finish and feel.


Funky Finish

Chelsea Handler hairstylesIf you have a dynamic short cut, show it off by using hair styling products to highlight the best angles. This cut has a unique fringe and really benefits from product through the roots to lift and add volume to the back sections of the hair. A funky finish like this not only draws attention to your hair, but also your face, so have your makeup on point too.


Short and Sleek

Kelly Clarkson hairstylesSleek strands look fantastic in short hair that has a little length to it. If your locks are similar to the strands shown here, get out the hair straightener and some straightening balm and give your strands a sleek finish.



Kelly Osbourne hairstylesIf your short haircut already involves bangs, or you're thinking of adding bangs, then styling them in a similar way to this eye-skimming fringe is a must. It's not just the glossy sleekness of the strands that makes this finish appealing, it's also the eye catching hair color. Using a temporary hair color mascara can get you this great look for the night, and it will also work just as well for side-swept bangs.