Like all hair types, curly hair has its good and bad characteristics, so to know how to make the most of your locks when it comes to haircuts, how it will work with hair color, and what products to choose, take this advice on board.


Model with short black curly hairModel with long curly copper hair

A good haircut should help to keep your curls under control, fall into shape and prevent as much frizz as possible. With curly hair, it’s a good idea to have a hair consultation with a hairstylist who can take a look at your specific curls in person, and also take into account things like your hair styling time and the type of cut and hair length you want. With that knowledge on board, they can then make recommendations about the type of haircut you should have. As a general rule when it comes to a good cut for curly hair, opt for something with long layers as they will add weight in the right areas and help combat hair frizz.

Hair Color

Model with medium length blonde highlighted curly hairModel with brown highlighted curly hair

A one tone solid hair color, especially if it’s dark, isn't great for giving your curls definition. To make sure every curl can be seen, try mixing some subtle highlights throughout your locks. Avoid anything too stripy or an attention grabbing color, and just add soft highlights that will stop your curls from blending together. That way you can show them off in all their glory.

Hair Products

ShampooHair products

Curly locks are prone to dryness so any hair product that is going to give you some much needed nourishment is what you should stock up on. Use a shampoo designed for curly hair, a conditioner that boasts lots of hydration and styling products that will define your curls and add some staying power.