While curly locks can create some fantastically beautiful hairstyles, the unruly nature of natural curls can sometimes mean it's a struggle to get them tamed into a hairstyle that doesn't look like a mop of messy hair frizz.

To help you gain some control over your curls, we suggest working with your hair characteristics instead of fighting them, and finding a hair length that will give you the best chance of achieving a great look every time you style your curly hair!

The Best Length for Curly Hair

For curly hair, the best length to keep curls under control is either short enough to manage your curls, or long enough to add weight and keep your curls tamed. Anything that verges on medium length could leave you with unruly locks that are hard to style so try to avoid a mid-length locks if you can.

Short Hair Length Ideas

Model with short curly hairModel with short curly hair

A short hairstyle will allow you to encourage a great shape in your natural curls that is light and voluminous and creates a soft finish. Use light hold hair styling products such as gel and mousse to define your curls and style them into place with your fingers.

Long Hair Length Ideas

Model with long curly hairModel with long curly hair

As for a long length look, it's important to get the right amount of weight in your locks to keep your curls in check. Try a length that is well past your shoulders for the best balance of weight. You might also like to consider adding some splashes of hair color as different hair tones look great in long lengths and will be enhanced by the different hair texture in your curls.

If you'd like to see more short and long hairstyles that will suit curly hair, try our Find Your Perfect Hairstyle Consultation. It will allow you to choose your curly hair texture (as well as other personal attributes) and then recommend hairstyles from our range that will suit you. You can then try the hairstyles on in our virtual hairstyler with your own photo!