If you're looking for a new hair color idea but don't want to stray too far from your current color, upping the interest factor on your shade and making it darker may just be the solution for you!

Blonde Hair Color
Taylor Swift Long Straight Light Blonde Hairstyle


Taylor Swift Long Wavy Dark Blonde Hairstyle

While most think of blonde as a traditionally light color, having a dark shade of blonde can be just as stunning. A darker blonde can give you the feel of a darker shade without the harshness that a much darker hair color (such as going from a blonde to brown shade) would entail. To choose the right color of blonde, opt for an option that isn't more than two shades darker than your current (or natural) blonde hair color and stick to the shades that will suit your skin tone for a seamless transition.


Red Hair Color
Debby Ryan Long Straight Medium Red Hairstyle


Debby Ryan Medium Wavy Red Hairstyle

For some people  the ideal red hair color is either light and gingery, or bright and eye catching, but a great red option that can be just as fantastic is a dark red. A red color that is dark enough to look almost brunette but still has that hint of red will not only give you great shine, but it will also look different depending on the light in the room. That means a totally surprising hair color that is lots of fun! When taking your red tone darker, don't forget to keep your complexion in mind and that you may need to adjust your makeup choices.


Brunette Hair Color
Victoria Justice Long Straight Brunette hairstyle


Victoria Justice Long Straight Dark Brunette Hairstyle

One of the best things about brunette hair is how stunning it can look when it's worn dark. The right level of dark brunette will bring out the best in your complexion and eye color, and can help your hair look healthy in a way that a lighter brunette shade can't. To avoid a darker brunette color looking too harsh or dull, choose an option that combines different levels of darker tones to achieve a glossy finish throughout your lengths. A more matt brown color can look unnatural and clash with your complexion if the shade is not balanced correctly.

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