When it comes to coloring your hair at home there are so many things that can go wrong, but you can ensure that your hair color result is as perfect as possible by using these tips!

Choose the Right Hair Color Formula

Red curly hairstyle
If you’ve never colored your hair before, or if you are trying to color your own hair for the first time, it’s best to choose a hair color that is as fool-proof as possible. Foam formulas have just hit the market and don’t drip, so they’re perfect if you’re a home hair color beginner.

If you have colored your hair before and are looking for a better result, choose a hair color formula that is infused with moisturizing properties or designed for damaged hair so you get some moisture and shine as well as a great new color.

Choose the Right Hair Color

The second most important step for a perfect home hair color is the right color. For a flattering hair color, opt for choices that will flatter your skin tone and a shade that isn’t two shades lighter or darker than your current hair color. If you’re looking for a drastic change, leave the initial change to a professional. Also keep in mind that the color on the box won’t be the exact color that you get. Your current hair color and the condition of your hair will play a part in the outcome of your final hair color result, so adjust your hair color choices accordingly.

Color Day Old Hair

When it comes to applying your hair color, it’s best not to have freshly washed hair. Hair that is at least a day old will mean that your natural hair oils have had a chance to lightly coat your strands, making it easier to see your roots and for your hair dye to grab hold.

Prepare and Organize

Black mid-length hairstyle
Coloring at home can get messy, even with no drip dyes! Ensure your bathroom is prepped and any surface that you don’t want dye to spoil is covered. Get all the materials from the dye box and anything else you might need ready, such as an old towel to clean up your hands and wipe up any drips, a timer, hair clips and a comb. Once you have everything ready and within reach, you can get started.

Test and Prevent

With all your home hair color materials ready, all that’s left to do is ensure your skin won’t get stained and that your hair color won’t cause you any issues. Cover your shoulders and back with an old t-shirt or towel that you don’t mind getting dye on, and then apply a thick cream or petroleum jelly around your ears and hairline to stop your skin from getting colored too. When it comes to the patch test, choose a strand in the underneath sections of your hair to color or cut out, and apply the dye. Keep an eye on the time as you may decide that you need more or less processing time to get the color result that you want. Once the patch test is done, read all the instructions again and then apply the dye.

Color Like a Professional

Once you’re ready to color all of your hair, take your cue from a professional hairstylist and section your hair with clips so that you cover every strand. Separate your hair into sections, clipping everything away except for the section that you want to work on. Massage the dye into the roots of the section and then work and pull the color down through the rest of your hair until you reach the ends. Repeat in each section of hair until all of your hair is colored.

Rinse and Deep Condition

Short blonde hairstyle
Once your color has been processed for the required time, rinse your hair in luke warm water until the water runs clear. After that, apply a deep conditioner. Most hair color kits include a deep conditioner that will work with the dye you applied to give you a shiny, vibrant result. To maintain your beautiful new color, shampoo and condition with color specific products, and keep applying the deep conditioner treatments at least once every week.

To see how you'd look with the salon hairstyle pictured in this article, click on the above image to try the virtual hairstyle with your own photo!