Use this advice to decide on the haircut, hair color and hair products that will make the most of your colored locks.


Model with short hairModel with blonde hair

The aim when it comes to a haircut for color treated hair is to get a look that will show your color off to its best advantage. That may mean a blunt, one length cut for a solid color. Or a look involves only minimal layering for those with highlights to ensure the finished result does not look too choppy.

If your color treated hair has become damaged or extensively dry then you may also need to consider a haircut that involves losing some length to regain healthy looking hair. To help decide what haircut it going to work best for your color, it's a good idea to seek a hair consultation with a professional hairstylist.

Hair Color

Model with medium length blonde highlighted wavy hairModel with red hair

With a huge variety of hair color options available, how you decide to color your hair, or which shade to have, is really up to you. We advise choosing the right hair color process that is going to work with your hair, not only to give it a great end result, but to also ensure it stays as healthy as possible. That may mean having to opt for a gentle, temporary hair color process if you have damaged or fragile hair, or a much stronger permanent process if your hair is healthier.

As for a hair color, always go with what will suit your skin tone, or stick to the rule of 2 shades lighter or 2 shades darker than your natural hair color for the best result.

Hair Products

Hair productsModel with dark hair and hat

When it comes to hair products, the choice should always be anything that is going to help enhance and retain your hair color. Color depositing shampoos will work wonders if your color is a solid blonde, brunette or red tone. Color treated blondes will also benefit from toners that will stop brassy shades from ruining their look.

To prevent fading, use a leave in spray that contains UV filters and/or cover up with a hat when in the sun. For some extra TLC for dyed locks, try hot oils or weekly hair treatments.

We hope this advice will help you to find the right options for your color treated hair. To try any of the hairstyles shown on your own photo in our virtual hairstyler, click on the images.