Hair styling productsThe key to creating great hairstyles is using hair styling products. Even just a little dollop of hair mousse or a spritz of shine spray is enough to make or break your 'do. Trouble is that regular use of styling products, even if you're only using a small amount, can leave behind a build up of product in your strands - which in turn can make it difficult to style your hair.

So, to help you fight product build up and ensure your locks always look and feel their best, we've put together some helpful hair tips that you can try at home.

Choose the Right Hair Styling Products

Model with long wavy red hairThe first step to fighting product build up starts with the products themselves. Often the reason why a certain hair product sticks in your hair is because it's totally the wrong product for your hair type. Heavy styling gels in fine hair or smoothing serums in oily hair will only spell disaster for your style and can be hard to remove from your hair strands.

If you don't know your hair type then our Free Consultation: Know Your Hair Texture and Elasticity will help narrow it down so that you can buy your styling products accordingly. It's also a good idea to ask the advice of a professional hairstylist the next time you're in the salon. They see all types of hair in every texture available and can help you identify your exact hair type and offer advice on which products will work best.

Apply the Right Amount

Model with two tone bobIf you already know your hair type and already buy the right products but still find that they are causing havoc with your hairstyles then take a look at the amount of product you are using. Too much or too little product can cause just as many problems, and in the case of too much product, it can be very difficult to remove from your strands. Follow any directions on the packaging and always keep in mind your hair length. Long hair may need more product, short hair will need less.

Once you have your product type and usage under control then it's time to tackle getting rid of any existing build up and stopping build up from taking over your hairstyle again.

Detox Your Hair

Model with short hair and highlightsIf you use lots of heavy products or style with product everyday then use a detox shampoo once a week. If you only use product occasionally or if you apply a hair treatment as part of your hair care routine then use a detox shampoo once a month. A detox shampoo is for your hair what an exfoliator is for your skin. It removes product build up and leaves you with clean, renewed hair that is ready for a new day of styling.

Another way to keep product build up at bay is to cut back on the amount of products you use. If your hairstyle can be created only using mousse instead of mousse, gel and hairspray then give it a go. The only products we don't recommend cutting back on is heat protection products. They are a must and will limit hair damage.

Our last product eliminating tip is to ensure that you apply your shampoo and conditioner correctly and that you wash your hair the right way. Shampoo residue can also build up in your strands and if you don't wash your shampoo and conditioner out properly then they will interfere with the condition of your hair and your hairstyle.

To get the best result from your shampoo, never directly pour your shampoo onto your head. Simply add a small amount to your palms and rub them together with water to create some lather and then add the lather to your roots. When you rinse, the lather will wash through the rest of your lengths and clean your hair. You can even go a step further by mixing your shampoo in a container of water until you've got some suds and then pouring the diluted mix over your strands. It cuts down on the amount of product going into your hair, and will even help you to save some money.

With these simple tips in mind you should be able to fight any hair styling product build up and stop it from ruining your hairstyle.