The product range I chose to review was the Poker Straight range. Straight hair is always a sought after, glamorous look and some of us need all the help we can get when trying to create the best result while still keeping the hair in good condition.

The healthier our hair is, the easier it is to straighten and achieve better results, and the Lee Stafford products do help to achieve straighter, healthier hair.

Poker Straight Shampoo

I shampooed my hair twice before adding conditioner and found that the Poker Straight shampoo gave my hair a squeaky clean feel, which is just what I wanted after using other styling products which tend to gunk up my hair! The Poker Straight shampoo also contained a special ingredient called Mega Quat, which attracts the negative charge to my hair's surface to neutralize and reduce any static in my hair. This was a great product which was easy to lather up and cleaned my hair very well.

5 stars.

Poker straight hair products

Poker Straight Treatment

We all know that healthy straight hair looks great and that broken brittle ends with no shine is not the way that we want our sexy straight locks to look after straightening our hair day in and day out. So, I tried out Lee's Poker Straight treatment which is designed to fight against the damaging affects of straightening. The treatment made my hair feel wonderful and contained conditioning agents which moisturised and helped to rebuild my hair shaft, and hydrolysed silk, which helps to prevent breakage and split ends. I left the treatment on for about 10 minutes in towel tried hair and I felt as though that was plenty of time.

5 stars.

Poker Straight Conditioner

I applied the Poker Straight conditioner to my hair and combed it through, leaving it in for just a couple of minutes. I found it easy to rinse out and it smelt fantastic! The thick, soft conditioner left my hair with a silky smooth finish which smelled great and had lots of shine.

5 stars.

Poker Straight Glistening Balm

I added a small amount of this to my hair while it was still wet to help smooth my hair as I blow-dried it straight. Because I teamed it with the rest of the Poker Straight range, I found that it was a lot easier to blow-dry my hair and it felt smoother and achieved a straighter result. The product also had teeny tiny speckles in it which gave my hair a hot shine!

5 stars.

Flat Iron Spray

This ingenious product is terrific for all of us who use hair straighteners! Once my hair was blow-dried, I sprayed a small section of hair with the Flat Iron Spray and then ran the hair straightener through it. The Flat Iron Spray gave my hair a paper straight finish, good hold and the right amount of shine. I believe it is a crucial product to use in the straightening process and gave my hair a salon finish and definitely left my locks looking fantastic.

5 stars.

I've given every product in the Lee Stafford Poker Straight range 5 Stars because the entire range covers everything when it comes to straightening your hair and delivers the right nutrients to your hair and also gives the right protection to your hair whilst using the straightening irons or any kind of heated styling tool.