Taking care of your hair at night is relatively easy, after all there’s no straightening or complicated hairstyle to achieve, just a few simple rituals that will give you ready to go locks for the next day...

Model with long red hairComb or Brush Your Hair

This will get out any knots and help keep your hair tangle free when you sleep.

Moisturize Your Hair

Add a night hair treatment. There are plenty of hair care brands that have night-time treatments available for home use. Just choose the right kind for your hair type and smooth a little through your locks. Most are designed to work overnight to nourish and care for your locks, and don’t require you to wash your hair in the morning.

Tie Your Hair Back

Model with braided hairIf your hair is long enough, tie it back into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Tying your hair back will help to stop your locks getting roughed up and tangled as you sleep. If you want an easy wavy hairstyle for the next day, dampen your hair slightly and then plait or braid your locks. Your strands will still be protected, and you should have a nice soft wave through your hair in the morning.