Dull Locks and Faded Hair Color

Model with short hairProblem: your hair is now permanently shine free and your hair color looks dull and nothing like the rich vibrant shade you left the salon with.

Solution: when your hair has been stressed by chemical processes and too much time with the blow-dryer, then it become porous and it’s harder for hair dyes to take hold or for your hair to lie flat enough naturally to give off shine. Work around these changes with the following tips…

  • Boost your hair color with a color depositing shampoo. It will add a little bit of color every time you wash.
  • Protect against fading with UV hair styling products and by wearing a hat if you know you’ll be spending the day in the sun.
  • Use smoothing serums and styling products that contain silicone to add some gloss to your locks.
  • Apply a clear gloss. It works in the same way as a hair color, but injects a formula that refreshes your hue instead of adding more color.
  • Use color retaining shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments and styling products.