Bridal upcurls

Back view of bridal upcurls

Summer or spring: Perfect for either summer or spring, this great style will keep the hair off your neck and face and is the perfect complement for a strapless gown.

Pulled back bridal hairstyle

Back view of pulled back bridal hairstyle

Summer or spring: A softer style perfect for a strapless dress. This look is ideal for the bride who doesn't like curls or can't wear curls.

Curly bridal style

Summer or spring: A classic style which will add glamour to any bridal dress. This style can be achieved with natural curls or hot-tongs.

Spring bridal upstyle

Spring: Perfect for the bride who can't decide between smooth or curly, this look is full of detail and softness and is a great spring look.

Casual upstyle

Summer: A simple look perfect for a hot summer wedding. Great for a those after a style that is not too sleek or formal looking.

Wavy upstyle

Summer or spring: Great for showing off those waves but keeping them off your face, this style will complement a strapless gown and is perfect for either spring or summer.

Quiff upstyle

Spring: For those looking for something with a little more height, this quiffed and curly style will go with any dress.

Bridal style with large curls

Spring: Best left for spring weather, this glamorous style is full of large curls which will add volume to your hair and a touch of class to any dress.

Halfup halfdown bridal hairstyle

Spring: A spring style that is simple and modern looking. The height at the top of this half-up, half-down hairstyle can give the illusion of height to smaller brides and the delicate curls will add softness.

Sleek upstyle

Summer or spring: This sleek updo is kept simple and classy and will allow you to show off your dress. The styling of the hair to the side is perfect for those who are after an updo that is not as traditional as a pulled back upstyle and for a hairstyle that is not overwhelmed by detail.