Do it, get one for yourself, but here's my biggest piece of advice: use a virtual hairstyler first! No matter how "cool" a hairstyle is, if it doesn't suit you, well... it just doesn't suit you. (If you're interested you might like to try "Find Your Perfect Hairstyle," our free hairstyle consultation.


Victoria Beckham Hair

Victoria Beckham hairstyles

When thinking about "cool" hairstyles, a great place to start is Victoria Beckham. The reason is because a big part of her life is about what other people think, so it makes sense that her hairstyles have gotta turn heads too. Her famous concave bob does just that:

  • It's asymmetrical at the front, yet the longer bangs keep it nice and feminine.
  • The back's totally different: it's graduated from the hairline with heavily chipped and textured ends.
  • The difference between the short textured lengths and long piecey bangs is most striking on the right side.
  • Its golden blonde foils add to the piecey finish and give Victoria a great sun kissed look (if you're interested, check out "Choosing Your Skin Tone and Enhancing Your Hair Color")


Katie Holmes Hair

Katie Holmes hairstyles

Katie's wispy crop is "cool" because it's so short, but also because it's daring and it shows guts. It's daring because no one else is doing this kind of hairstyle right now; it shows guts because after setting the trend with her bob (everyone's caught on, even Jenny McCarthy and Hayden Panettiere), she's chosen to snip it off and leave it all behind. Katie's gone against the grain with this crop, and she's lucky it suits her. Unlike her bob:

  • Her crop is more layered.
  • It's shorter on the top and longer at her hairline (concave bobs are shorter at the back and longer at the top and front).
  • It doesn't have any solid lines: it's wispy.


Sharon Stone Hair

Sharon Stone hairstyles

Like both Victoria and Katie, Sharon Stone gets a lot of attention. She makes clear the big difference between the good and bad varieties: good attention is praise for her striking short hairstyles, and bad attention are the endless reports in the media about her repeated apologies for (allegedly) blaming China's earthquake somehow on China itself...


Pink Hair

Pink hairstyles

Pink's another obvious choice for "cool" hair. She makes the press because of her outrageous hair, and for a whole bunch of other reasons too: because she's allegedly been seen kissing another woman, and even because she's been caught on camera hanging out the door of her car while urinating.

If you don't want to do all that other stuff, but you still want to turn heads, then let me suggest just getting one of Pink's hairstyles. Give this tapered Mohawk style a go if you feel like being "cool":

  • It's been cut short around the back and sides and left longer on the top.
  • It's great for rounder face shapes (check out "The Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape" if you'd like to know more about face shapes).
  • The light blonde color's essential, and with a bit of wax and spray you're ready to turn heads.

"Cool" hairstyles are a little bit more daring and non-conservative, and they can look great. But like any hairstyle, you've gotta make sure your "cool" hair suits you- and that's really not hard. Just get some advice first (check out Get Over Your Hairstyle Makeover, our free e-book on makeovers), and most importantly, try a virtual hairstyler.