It's not just red carpet fashion that is seen repeated on various celebrities. The same hairstyle is often seen duplicated on the strands of the stars. The question is, who wears it better?

Short Hair: Halle Berry vs. Tamela J. Mann
Halle Berry hairstylesTamela J. Mann hairstyles

Both of these short hairstyles have plenty of sass and flair, but we just love the extra punch of color in Tamela's version. Halle Berry's short 'do is also styled a little more playfully and doesn't have the same slick finish.

Who Wore It Better? Tamela J. Mann

Sleek Topknot: Amanda Seyfried vs. Jennifer Lopez
Amanda Seyfried hairstylesJennifer Lopez hairstyles

Topknots have taken on a sleek finish this year, quite a departure from the messy, low-fuss finish of last year's version. That means the look is becoming a staple of the red carpet, and trying their hand at the look here is J-Lo and Amanda Seyfried. When it comes to who wears the look better, while we love the extra detail of Amanda's updo, Jennifer Lopez's version has some great height and is very flattering.

Who Wore It Better? Jennifer Lopez

Red Hair Color: Jessica Chastain vs. Kate Flannery
Jessica Chastain hairstylesKate Flannery hairstyles

Even hair color isn't immune from the copy-cat treatment. Red hair can be a real point of difference on the red carpet among all the blondes and brunettes. In this style showdown we have Jessica Chastain's light red locks against Kate Flannery's darker, fire-tinged hue. Both are a beautiful color and have great shine. We think for knock-out factor though, Kate has the edge over Jessica.

Who Wore It Better? Kate Flannery

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