While your makeup can look perfect in the mirror, just one flash of the camera can reveal the weakness in your look. Not enough coverage or bad formula choices are just some of the problems in your application that a photo can reveal. If you want to look great every time a picture is snapped, try out these makeup tips!

Always Apply Your Makeup in Natural Light

Model with makeupThe tinge on a bathroom or overhead light can really lull you into a false sense when applying your makeup. It may look great in the glow of the bathroom, but under the glare of the camera, your makeup could be too light or too heavy. Get into the habit of applying your makeup in a room with plenty of natural light or by a window. If you can't, check your makeup in natural light before stepping in front of the camera so you can make any fixes.

Go for Black

If you want to ensure features such as your eyes stand out in photos, always choose black eyeliner and mascara (or as dark a color as you can get). This will give definition. If you're worried black makeup will look too heavy, don't worry, the camera will soften the look. Just ensure your application is flawless for a great result.

Use Matt Formulas

Model with matt makeupWhen it comes to the formula of your foundation, blush, eye shadow, powder and lipstick, matt is best. While colors with shine and sparkle look fab, in photos these formulas will reflect when the flash goes off. A matt formula will give an even finish without the unsightly shine.

Opt for Color

We're not talking bright neon shades (unless that's your preference), but ensuring you have a touch of color on your face, especially on your cheeks, will ensure that you don't look washed out in your photo. Make sure your blush is on and your eye shadow is evident enough to give color to your eye area.


Model with well blended makeupEvery type of makeup you apply -from your foundation, blush, eye shadow and concealer- needs to be blended and blended well. Your finish may look great to the naked eye, but to an unforgiving lens, makeup that is not blended properly will show when the photo develops. Make sure you can't see any lines where your blush is applied, that your foundation blends flawlessly around your nose, forehead and jaw line and that your concealer covers your under eye imperfections without being obvious.