If you imagine that your image—or how you look to other people—is like a jigsaw puzzle you construct and take apart each day, then your hair and makeup are two of the most important pieces. And like all pieces in a jigsaw puzzle your hair and makeup need to fit together. “Fit together” means they need to complement each other, not work against each other.

Short Hairstyles

Drew Barrymore hairstylesShort hairstyles, like the feminine crop or Drew Barrymore's curly short haircut, suit petite features because they draw attention to them. Since that's the case try makeup that accentuates your lips (like Drew's bold lipstick) and eyes. Don't go overboard though: try a stick eyeliner (since it won't give the overly dramatic effect of a liquid eyeliner) and a couple of coats of mascara.


Down Hairstyles

Amanda Seyfried hairstylesDown hairstyles, like Amanda Seyfried's long wavy hairstyle, often flow over the shoulders creating a sassy and seductive effect. You can match your hairstyle and makeup by enhancing your lips and cheeks- and this is a good idea because you don't want your hairstyle to be too overpowering. A lip liner and lip gloss will create a captivating pout, and a blush applied to your cheeks' fullest point will enhance them and create a healthy glow.



Kristen Bell hairstylesUpdos are such versatile hairstyles; there's half updos, casual updos and elegant updos- take your pick depending on your occasion. Kristen Bell's hairstyle (pictured) is a fine example of an elegant updo. If you're wearing an updo then playing up your eyes with a stronger eyeliner can look really stunning. Complement this effect by contouring your cheekbones with a bronzer or blush applied in the hollow area of your cheek.


Talk to your hairstylist for more ideas about matching your hairstyle and makeup.