So how do you keep your lips looking luscious and your lipstick where it should be? It all comes down to preparation and application.


The first step to getting your lips into perfect pouting form is to make sure they’re clean and smooth.

Smooth it Out:

For a smooth base; gently brush an old face cloth or an old toothbrush over your lips to remove any dried, flaky skin. You can also try mixing your favourite lip balm with a little brown sugar and using it as a gentle scrub.

Add Some Softness:

Smother your lips in Vaseline and press a wash cloth drenched in warm water (make sure it’s not too hot) between your lips for a few minutes. This will help the Vaseline penetrate your lips and make them super soft.


Start with a Base:

Apply a thin layer of lip balm to your lips as your first makeup step. Leave the lip balm to penetrate while you apply the rest of your makeup and then gently blot your lips with a tissue to make sure any excess lip balm is gone

Fill it in:

Use a lip liner to outline your lips for definition and then use the liner to fill in your entire lips.

Match it up:

Match your lip liner with the same or a similar color lipstick as your lip liner and then blot away any excess color with a tissue.

Add Some Gloss:

The last step is applying lip gloss to your lips. You can use a clear gloss, a color gloss or a high shine gloss of your choice. For even application, and to really finish off your look, apply the gloss with a lip brush. This will keep your color neat, make sure the color fills in your lips completely, and will create a smooth finish.

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