It’s not just healthy, shiny hair strands that can make your hair color stand out; makeup is also a fun and easy way to put the spotlight on your hair color. To see for yourself, find out which lipstick colors will bring out the best in your brunette shade.

Lipstick Colors for Brunettes

The right lipstick can pull a makeup look together and create a great contrast for your brunette locks. The most flattering lipstick colors for brown strands range from light pinks to deep reds.

Light Pink Lipstick
Model with pink lipstick and brunette hairModel with pink lipstick and brunette hair

Light and medium brown hair colors work brilliantly with natural, light pink lipsticks because the muted colors complement each other. The light tone of the lipstick won't overshadow the hair color and will give the various caramel and gold tones of your brunette hair the chance to shine.

Bold Pink Lipstick
Model with pink lipstick and brunette hairModel with pink lipstick and brunette hair

For darker brunette locks, pink lipstick that has some pop to it will play off the dark color of your hair. A deep pink teamed with black hair (above left) will create a sophisticated look, while playful pink lips and mocha toned strands (above right) provide a fun finish for any occasion.

Plum and Red Lipstick
Model with plum lipstick and brunette hairModel with red lipstick and brunette hair

For an evening look, a deep plum lipstick (above left) will flatter dark, bitter chocolate locks. For something spicy, red lipstick is the way to go. If your brunette locks have a hint of red in them (above right), then red lips will highlight the red tones buried in your brunette locks and bring them to life.

We hope these lipstick ideas give you some inspiration. Just remember when using lipstick to enhance your hair color, that you keep your lipstick the centre of attention by using neutral eye shadow, a few coats of mascara and just a bit of blush.

To see how you'd look with any of the brunette hairstyles pictured in this article, click on the above images to try the virtual hairstyle with your own photo!