Often, the products you use for your hair can be used to help with your makeup and beauty routine and vice versa. You've just got to know which products will pull double duty!


Model with mascara on

Hair: mascara can be used to cover over grey hair in an emergency. If you have black or brown hair and have a mascara color to match, lightly blend it over any grey hairs to cover them up until you can get to the salon.

Beauty: old mascara brushes make great eyebrow groomers. Clean up old brushes with makeup remover and then keep them to help brush your brows into place.


Hair: vaseline is essential for when you're coloring your hair at home. Smooth a small amount around your hairline and it will help to keep dye off your skin.

Beauty: vaseline is one versatile little beauty product. It can be used as a moisturizer on tough areas such as your knees, and is perfect for keeping your lips subtle and moist. Pop some on morning and night after brushing your teeth and your lips should always be smooth and lipstick ready.


Hair: hairspray is of course used to keep your style in place.

Beauty: hairspray is also ideal for getting your brows into place. Spray some onto your eyebrow brush and then comb over your brows so they'll look great all day.

Hair Shampoo:

Model shampooing her hair

Hair: shampoo is of course the best product for keeping your locks healthy and clean.

Beauty: hair shampoo is also perfect for keeping your makeup brushes clean. Add a small amount of shampoo to warm water, clean your brushes and then lay them flat to air dry. Do this at least once a month to keep your beauty tools in check and free from skin-clogging bacteria.

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