You probably also love the fact that you look younger than your years and can pull of the 'au natural' look with ease. However, you may not love the fact that your face can easily get overpowered with the wrong hairstyle. If you have delicate facial features, enhance them with a cut that will make your face the main attraction. Here are some hairstyles made just for you:

Model with short hair

A jaw-length layered bob is a great style to show off a dainty face. This haircut brings out your eyes and cheekbones while contouring to your face shape. A side-swept fringe adds some extra style.

Emma Watson hairstyles

Emma Watson makes the most of her elfin features with a wispy pixie haircut that frames the eyes and forehead. This cut makes small features more pronounced and brings the focus to the eyes.

Natalie Portman hairstyles

Natalie Portman's delicate features look flawless and take centre stage in this low side bun updo. Natalie has swept her long hair to the side and off the face into a neat bun at the nape of the neck. This simple style is perfect for ladies with elfin or delicate features.