Grab your hair gel and get ready to remember the wet hair look. The slicked hairstyle for women is back. Wear your hair short, long or in an updo—all are on trend right now so long as you slick them nice and wet looking.

Diane Kruger hairstyles

Diane Kruger (above) has added the slicked hair effect to a longer hairstyle. She illustrates an essential component of the slicked look: the combed side part. Importantly too, she's used hair product to keep her hair flat and slightly wet looking. Tucking her hair behind her ears helps maintain this flatness too.

You'll notice some similarities between this fashion and some other hair trends of late; for example the crop, smooth, sleek hair and the undercut.

Slicked hair, since it's slicked tight against the head, is similar to the crop in so far as its side part is a classic element of short hair (also invoking comparisons to the men's hair trend: the slicked back side part); and like the crop, women's slicked hair looks short. You can see from the Diane Kruger example too that her hair appears short (like a crop) even though it's long.

Slicked hair is like the smooth, sleek hair trend in so far as volume is almost totally absent from both hairstyles. But the difference is that slicked hair is not necessarily smooth and sleek. You want to use hair gel to make it wet and shiny, but also to get the textured effect created by the teeth of your comb. You can play with this texture by using a wide-tooth comb or even your fingers.

Finally, women's slicked hair borrows a little from the undercut hair trend, led mainly by Rihanna. Slicking the sides of your hair can create a similar look to that achieved by using clippers to get an undercut, but with the added bonus that slicking your hair is reversible (unlike shaving your hair at the sides).

Grab yourself some gel and experiment with the slicked look. And if this hairstyle trend isn't for you then check out some of the other fashionable looks right now; for example, "Laid Back Locks" and "The High Updo."