No matter how crammed or spaced out the events are on your social calendar, hairstyles that can easily be adapted or styled to create the perfect look for any event are are always handy to know. For when such an occasion arises, keep these hairstyle ideas in mind to take your look from casual to glamorous in no time!

Casual Short Straight Hair and Glamorous Spikes
Model with short black hairModel with short black spiky hair

These short hairstyles are perfect for a social weekend. During the day when you're just hanging around the house, nice straight locks that have been freshly washed and left to fall into place (or straightened if your locks have a curl to them) is a great look and will serve you well if unexpected guests drop by. When it's time to rev up your look or have a get together with family or friends, some hair gel and thick, spiked locks will easily transform your short hair into a funky and glamorous 'do.

Casual Straight Hair and Glamorous Curls
Model with short red alternative hairModel with short curly red hair

This option is for those who need a professional look for the office, but a party look for when the work is done! Casual straight hair strands and light side-swept bangs keep your locks in line while working nine to five. For some fun after work, simply add curls to your tresses using your curling iron and set with a good dose of hairspray.

Casual Curls and a Glamorous Updo
Model with long curly blonde hairModel with blonde curly upstyle

If you've got to make an appearance at two events in the same day, one casual and fun and the other more formal, then consider a hairstyle that can give you two looks. The first, a down hairstyle with some great hair texture like curls that can be scrunched into your hair using hair mousse. The second, an updo that takes those curls and moulds them into a fun and flirty finish that is suitable for an upscale event.

Casual Side Ponytail and Glamorous Hair Volume
Model with long curly side ponytailModel with long teased blonde hair

The final two hairstyle ideas take some great lift filled locks which have plenty of backcombing and hair volume to create a casual look with a side ponytail that is perfect for a low-key event, and a big-hair look that packs some serious glamour power for an event where you are the centre of attention.