Ashley Tisdale hairstylesIf you change your hair from a lighter shade to a darker one beware because you can easily go wrong and end up looking terrible. I have a friend and (I haven’t told her this), but she recently changed her hair color from blonde to dark chestnut brown hair, and it’s made her look all pale and sickly— kind of like the walking dead.


Ashley Tisdale hairstylesSo to prevent that happening to you, take a leaf out of Ashley Tisdale’s book and make your new hair color work for you. There are a few things you should bear in mind if you’re planning on changing your hair color from light to dark and to make it easier I’ve listed 5 "Don’t Look Like Death" Hair Color Tips below.


5 “Don’t Look Like Death” Hair Color Tips:

  1. Probably the most important thing to think about is whether your new hair color will suit your skin tone/complexion and eye color. To find out, talk with your stylist and try our hair consultation.
  2. Think about whether your new hair color will be too harsh; in other words, does your hair color complement your current wardrobe, or does it stick out like a sore thumb? (Dark hair and dark colored clothes can clash.)
  3. Another big factor is whether or not your new shade will make you look youthful; for example on some complexions dark hair can draw attention to acne scarring, dry skin and other skin ailments.
  4. Think about the level of sophistication you’d like to achieve with your hair color. Often dark hair is considered to appear more sophisticated. Try a little touch of blue black all over or in highlights for extra shine and mystery.
  5. If you’re going dark you’ll probably need to put a hair color filler in your hair first. This is a red pigment that holds dark colors and stops the hair looking green or ash.

Like any hairstyle change, going from a dark to light hair color requires a little bit of extra thought— ‘cos you don’t want to look terrible after your makeover. Think about these tips, and most importantly, talk to your hairstylist too.