The right finish to your hairstyle can can really set off your look and brighten your day. The wrong finish, however, can give you head-turning attention - for all the wrong reasons!

To avoid a hairstyling disaster, we've taken a look at the people that are looked at the most - celebrities - to let you know the do's and don'ts for pulling off a successful hairstyle.

Hair Color Re-growth
Claire Danes hairstylesClaire Danes hairstyles

While one current hair color trend is to have dark roots and a lighter hair color through the lengths, we doubt somehow that this don't from actress Claire Danes is part of that trend. Her obvious hair color re-growth completely overshadows the rest of her casual medium length hairstyle. When her roots have been touched up, however, her hairstyle really gets the chance to shine, and looks great!

Lighter Hair Color
Alexis Bledel hairstylesDemi Lovato hairstyles

One important rule when it comes to a hair color change (especially to something lighter for those who normally have darker locks) is to find a lighter hair color that will work with your skin tone. Alexis Bledel's honey colored locks really complements her pale complexion, whereas Demi Lovato looks as if she's wrongly matched her honey tones to her golden tan. We also love that Alexis' hair color is less streaky than Demi's, making her overall lighter change look much more natural.

Flattering Updo
January Jones hairstylesAutumn Reeser hairstyles

We all love a good updo, especially one that gets long locks out of the way and lets you show off your face. For her updo, January Jones has chosen a look that flatters her face shape and gets lots of softness thanks to her curly strands. On the don't list is Autumn Reeser and her attempt at a straight, backcombed updo. The look is all wrong for her small face shape and petite features, and makes the top of her head look very big and wide.

Volume Filled Half Up Half Down Hairstyle
Dianna Agron hairstylesKat Deluna hairstyles

A half up half down hairstyle is the perfect compromise between an elegant and casual look. Dianna Agron knows this and pulls of a very successful, volume-filled half up half down look. When it came to styling a similar look, Kat Deluna, does all the don'ts and ends up with a tangled, frizz-filled mess.

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