Rumer Willis hairstylesRumer Willis has been experimenting with a lot of looks lately, and for now has settled on a curly fiery auburn ‘do. Rumer has an angular face so her tight corkscrew curls add softness to her face without adding more width like larger waves do. Her face is rectangular, which can end up looking very boxy with certain hairstyles. However, Rumer’s side hair part and curled tendrils that frame her face create a softer oval face shape.

Curls can be unruly, but Rumer has tamed hers by pinning them back at the nape of the neck. This gives the hairstyle a loose, natural feel that looks elegant and classy.

Rumer Willis hairstylesIf you have curly or wavy hair and want to copy Rumer’s look, start by using a ½” barrelled curling iron to curl 1” sections of hair from root to tip (of course, if your hair is naturally tightly curled, skip this step!). Then use hairspray all over to hold your curls in place. Next, take a panel from each side of the head and twist it towards the nape of the neck. Fasten it with hair pins and make sure that a few face-framing tendrils have been left out around the face and voila! You now have a Rumer Willis-inspired hairstyle.

Finally, let’s talk about the hair color. Rumer has medium-light cool skin with light brown eyes. Her natural hair color is a cool brown, but this dark copper color harmonizes well with her skin tone. If you want to copy her color, try a dark auburn shade that will match your skin tone and not look too light or brassy.