Queen Latifah hairstyles Queen Latifah has always been a maverick of style, but her latest haircut and color is particularly stunning. This actress-slash-singer-slash rapper knows how to show off those high cheekbones and warm creamy complexion with her asymmetrical graduated bob and glowing makeup. Ladies with medium-dark skin tones take note- you can rock dark golden blonde and look fabulous, just like the Queen of Cool herself.

Queen Latifah has medium dark skin, with warm undertones. For women with a similar skin tone, going light can be tricky. Often, the end result is brassy, not blonde. To reduce the amount of yellow in your hair when you lighten it, go for a beige or ash shade of blonde or light brown instead. This will give a much more natural end result and most importantly, get rid of those unwanted orange and gold tones!

There’s not much point to a great color if the cut is less than fabulous. Queen Latifah shows off her features with this ultra-stylish graduated bob that is cheekbone length on one side, and just skimming the shoulder on the other. With a deep side hair part and layered fringe, this haircut is super-slimming on round and square face shapes, not to mention super-stylish!