Jessie J is known for her powerful voice, her love of cat suits and of course her signature dark locks. Up until recently, Jessie was always spotted with a severe pageboy cut that suits her edgy style and exotic looks. Now, she has modified that look by growing her hair long and adding blonde tips. This is an eye-catching look that fashion-forward girls will love to flaunt. Here’s how to get it:

Jessie J hairstyles1. This fading hair color technique looks best on super straight hair, so keep in mind if you have wavy or curly hair, you’ll have to straighten it everyday.

2. Next, ask your stylist to give you a rich chocolate brown hair color for the top portion. Do not even attempt to do this at home, or let your friends do it- no matter how skilled they claim to be! This hair coloring technique can easily go wrong, so leave it to the professionals.

3. For the blonde color on the bottom, Jessie has chosen a golden blonde that matches the rich brown tones on top. Matching the tone is essential for a smooth transition- again, something that a professional colorist will know how to do.

For extra Jessie J style, copy her hairdo and rock a bold, blunt fringe.

To see how you'd look with the hairstyle pictured in this blog, click on the above image to try the virtual hairstyle with your own photo!