Felicity Huffman has beauty, talent and wealth. But one thing she doesn't have is a good colorist. Someone send her a competent hairstylist pronto! Felicity looks amazing for her age so a bad hair color job really brings her look down. Yes, we are referring to her latest ashy beige brown, as seen below.

Felicity Huffman hairstylesNot only does it clash with her warm complexion and blue eyes, but the ashy blonde highlights actually make her look older and washed out. This color is much more suited to someone with cool skin.


Felicity Huffman hairstylesCompare it to this photo, where Felicity looks absolutely stunning in a warm honey blonde with darker lowlights. Her complexion glows, and she looks full of vitality. There is no ruddy-ness to her skin and her hair is full of shine.


Felicity Huffman hairstylesBut, you can have too much of a good thing. Here is another color fail that has plagued poor Felicity. The chic bob looks fab on her, but the monotone brassy blonde has made her cheeks look ruddy and given her an overall pinky complexion. This is what can happen when you go all-over blonde rather than highlight it if you don't use a good colorist.


If you have a similar skin tone and eye color, learn from Felicity's mistakes and keep it a natural honey gold shade for best results!

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