Cameron Diaz is known to often change her hair coloring from blonde to brown and back again. So what, you may be thinking. Well, here at we've been running a hair color special over the holiday period, tackling issues like "Hair Coloring Fears" and keeping you up to speed on how to keep your hair color fresh. We thought that a nice way to complement our special and to breathe some life into the hair color ideas we've been discussing (for example, choosing the right hair color for your skin tone and complexion) would be to look at a real life example. Cameron's our real life example. So, have a read of our hair coloring articles and apply your knowledge to the photos below and tell us this: which hair color do you think suits Cameron better, blonde or brown?

Cameron Diaz hairstylesCameron Diaz hairstyles

This is what we think (let us know in the comments below if you agree):

  • Sure, blonde looks summery and fun, but the brown hair color makes us take Cameron a bit more seriously.
  • Brown looks better because it draws attention to Cameron's lovely eyes.
  • Dark hair looks healthier and shinier, so that's another vote in favor of brown.
  • Certain hair color complements certain complexions better; in Cameron's case brown works best because it doesn't make her complexion look so pinky/red.

All in all, we prefer brown hair on Cameron Diaz. What do you think?