She found success on Gossip Girl, and now she’s pulled Leonardo DiCaprio—it’s no wonder women everywhere want to be like Blake! With her tumbling blonde locks, large feline eyes and a fabulous set of lips, Blake Lively has the perfect canvas to flaunt her sexy, modern look. 

Blake Lively hairstylesHer typical hairstyle is worn super long, tousled and voluminous. She adds body with loose waves rather than using the flat iron, which not only gives her long mane bounce but also saves it from hair damage. Blake usually sports a messy side hair part with lots of hair volume at the crown for a carefree windblown look, which also matches her trendy fashion sense and vivacious personality. 

Blake Lively hairstylesFor a sultry evening look, Blake rocks tighter curls that are super glossy and defined, keeping her slightly off-centre hair part. Her long angled fringe skims her eye on one side for extra drama.

Hair color-wise, Blake is all about the blonde, which ranges from deep golden to strawberry. Women with a similar skin tone to Blake can copy her look by adding golden blonde highlights to their hair, and wearing equally warm makeup colors in gold, copper and bronze.