Actress Angela Sarafyan has some of the most exotic looks in Hollywood, thanks to her Armenian-American roots. Blessed with stunning bone structure, olive skin and those amazing huge green eyes, Angela can really pull off any look with ease. For this red carpet occasion, she has chosen to wear a simple hairstyle along with soft, neutral makeup that brings out her eyes without looking too done up. If you are looking for a low-key evening look, read on to find out how you can get it at home.

First, let's start with the hair. Angela likes to flaunt the sun-kissed look and usually has her lengths and ends subtly highlighted with a light golden brown shade. This mixes well with her natural dark brown color and adds just enough color to make her eyes pop even more (like she needed help with that!). Angela's style is pretty laid back so these loose waves suit her image well, and will please all the ladies out there who are into simple, classic evening hair looks.

Angela Sarafyan hairstyles

To get this look if you have straight hair: Simply use rollers or a curling iron or heat wand to create curls in the mid-lengths and ends. Take 1 to 2 inch sections of hair for best results.

If you have wavy or curly hair: You will first need to blow dry your hair sleek and smooth using a round brush (choose one with about a 1.5 inch barrel) on sections of your hair. Dry the root and mid-length of your section completely before twisting the ends around the round brush and concentrating the heat on that area. Give it a shot of cool air, hold for a few minutes and then uncurl. Continue until your whole head is finished and then spray to hold it into place.

Now it's time for the makeup. Angela's palette here is neutral and will suit any complexion or eye color. She doesn't particularly like wearing a lot of makeup but when she does, she chooses Jouer foundation, which is ultra sheer and gives that 'no makeup' look. If you want makeup that is lightweight but has vital SPF protection from the sun, you might want to try this brand out.

To get her look, start with a shimmery eye shadow trio that contains a beige, bronze and brown shade. Use the beige as your under layer and sweep it across the entire eyelid and up towards the brow. Then apply the bronze shade to the crease and the outer third section of the eyelid. You can create extra drama by extending the copper shade out towards the outer edge of the brow like Angela has done here. Finally, dab your darkest shade into the outer portion of the crease and eyelid for a smouldering effect. If you want to create a smoky eye effect, use an angled brush to work in the bronze and brown shades just under the bottom lash line. If you're a mascara girl, feel free to add a coat to finish this look off. On the lips and cheeks, dare to go bare or wear a sheer nude shade of blush and lippie à la Angela.