Many people claim that facial exercises- where you exercise the small muscles in your face- are an effective complement to facials for getting you on the road to healthy and beautiful skin. But others say they don't work because the muscles in the face are too small and therefore don't respond to exercise the way other muscles typically do. It has even been said that certain facial exercises, the ones that cause the skin to wrinkle, can make the face appear more lined.

Below Richard Hammond (from Top Gear) test drives a facial exercise. Try it yourself and see what you think.

Speak to your beautician about the benefit of facial exercises and the best way to combine them with a skin care routine that includes washing, nourishing and facial massages. In the meantime though another facial exercise you may like to try is the following, aimed at reducing forehead wrinkles. Using two fingers pull the skin above your eyebrows flat and taught. Now, raise the eyebrows while pressing down with your fingers. Do three sets of thirty repetitions.

A skin care routine is as important for your skin as a hair care routine is for healthy hair. Facial exercises are an option that, along with your regular routine of washing, toning and moisturizing, are thought to contribute to the health of your skin. Speak to your beautician for more advice and check out our beauty blogs for more skin tips.