There are only 3 rules:

  1. Always make sure you are using enough skin care product (skin cleanser, moisturizing cream etc) to ensure that your fingers slide across your skin smoothly and do not drag your skin in anyway.
  2. Make sure your movements are in a nice continues flowing rhythm that always goes in an upward direction to counteract drooping.
  3. Use the time to focus on you and not the million other things you did or didn’t do that day.

To begin, your facial massage should always start from your neck and chin to stimulate the blood supply to your face.

Neck and Chin

Place your left hand on your right collarbone and then sweep upwards across your neck and along the left hand side of your face until you reach your left ear. Then, repeat the same process with your right hand working from your left collarbone to your right ear.


Starting at your chin, put your index and middle fingers together and then work them in spiraling movements upwards along your jawbone until you finish at your ears.

Woman massaging face


Continue your spiraling motion from the side of your nose to the upper corner of your cheekbone to help delay any drooping of your lower cheek.


To keep lines at bay and your lips supple, run your forefinger in little circles around your mouth in one direction and then the other.


Start at the bridge of your nose and go to the hairline before working outward from the centre to massage up your forehead. Use your palms and then three fingers to iron out frown lines.


Use your forefinger to circle eye cream gently around your eyes, working out from the outer corner of your eye to your hairline.

Nose to Ears

To release tension and smooth and lift your cheeks, place the tips of three fingers from each hand on your nose and then simultaneously sweep gently across your face from your cheeks to your ears. Repeat in soft movements until you have massaged in all of your cream.

And there you have it. Easy massage techniques to relax you, boost your skin’s circulation and give your beauty treatments the day spa feel without the hefty price tag!