Kaya Jones showed up in an elegant cherry red gown, but unfortunately that's where the glamour ended. Her hair and makeup both looked overdone and over processed, spoiling what could have been a stunning evening look. Here's what you can do to avoid a similar fail:

Kaya Jones hairstylesKaya's bleached hair looks brittle and brassy, with ribbons of yellow mixed in with platinum. If you bleach your hair, avoid a similar disaster by using a blue shampoo and conditioner every day. Also, make regular appointments to top up your toner and keep the yellow tones at bay.

Wearing red lipstick with a red gown is a powerful enough statement without going for heavy smoky eye makeup. Kaya has used blue-grey toned eye shadow, which looks terrible with her blood red lipstick. Go for simple black eyeliner if you're wearing a powerful red lip.

Red lipstick looks oh-so-glam, but it will bring out any flaw you have around the mouth area. It will seep into any wrinkles or fine lines that you have, dry up like a sponge if you haven't exfoliated your lips, highlight any yellowness to your teeth- and the list goes on. In Kaya's case, the poor application is visible where she didn't apply enough to the bottom lip.

This is one look that Kaya shouldn't recreate in the future!

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