Holly Robinson Peete has always experimented with her haircut and hair color, going from long to short, bangs to no bangs, and curly to straight. Her latest look is one of her best so far, as she goes back to her glossy dark roots and chooses a sophisticated makeup style to match.

If you love Holly's look, check out these helpful hints on how to get it:

Holly Robinson Peete hairstyles

If you have naturally curly hair like Holly, you'll need to book in for a relaxer with your stylist. There are lots of good ones on the market so make sure your salon uses a brand that will be gentle on your hair.
Ask your stylist to give you a shoulder-length cut with heavy layering throughout the lengths and ends, with the shortest layers ending at the cheekbone level. He/she should cut your fringe to an eye-skimming length and add some texture to the ends.
To get Holly's makeup, use silver eye shadow on the eyelid with a deep charcoal shade in the crease. Top it off with black eyeliner and mascara. Add a hint of rose to your cheeks and lips for a fresh, modern look.

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